The Wine Vault Inc.
We are Toronto's oldest and largest company set up for the sole purpose of properly storing and safekeeping fine wine.
  • Is your wine collection taking over your house?
  • Are you properly storing your wine?
  • Do you have a current inventory of your wine collection?
  • Are you missing out on wine-buying opportunities due to space constraints?
  • Are you ready to travel the world but hesitate to leave your wine unattended?
  • Are you ready to move to a condo but hesitate because you will not have place for your wine collection?

The wine Vault over the past nine years has answered these questions, by providing:
  • A controlled temperature of 55 degrees and humidity of 60% environment.
  • A modern alarmed and sprinklered stand-alone building.
  • A personal monthly detailed inventory of your wine.
  • A free courier pick-up service.
  • We can deliver your wine by the bottle or by the case/cases to where you want it when you want it.
  • There are no in or out charges of any kind.
  • Our rates are the lowest in Toronto. There are no advance payments, no minimums, no lease obligation, and you pay for what you use.

Address: The Wine Vault Inc.
290 Nantucket Blvd
Toronto, ON, M1P 2P4
Tel: 416-738-3545
Fax: 416-243-7200